Shopping Descriptions

  1. Agree to our Terms and Conditions

    Before purchasing artworks, please read the shopping terms and conditions of YIART (including Yicollecta) carefully.

  2. Shopping Process

    1 Register→ 2 Purchase→ 3 Order → 4 Payment → 5 Shipping

  3. Register

    Please click on the【JoinUs / Login】button at the top right of Yicollecta homepage. Fill in the form and read carefully the membership terms & conditions. The system will send the “Verify Membership Code" letter to your e-mail address. Upon completion of the certification, you will be a formal member of YIART. After registering as a member, you will not need to re-register at the next purchase.

  4. Purchase

    You can browse artworks on Yicollecta directly, or you could find artworks based on the “Category” page.

  5. Order

    After purchasing, we will send you an "Order Confirmation" letter to your e-mail address. It contains your detailed order information and payment process, which means you have placed the order successfully.

  6. Payment

    Once the order has been placed, we will email the payment process to you. Please remit the payment to the designated account within 3 days.

  7. Shipping

    Once we receive the payment, we will notify you by e-mail. Your order will be dispatched to the designated address in 3-4 weeks. We deliver parcels by domestic logistics companies only, if you are an international customer, please designate a particular logistics company or choose one from our cooperative logistics companies to dispatch your order.

Membership FAQs

  1. How to Become a Member of YIART and Yicollecta?

    Please click on【Joinus / Login】button in upper right corner of the screen, and enter the required information.

  2. How to Reset Your Password?

    Please click on【RESET MY ACCOUNT】button on your account page to reset your password. After resetting your password, please sign in again with your new password.

  3. Forgot Your Password?

    Please click on【Forgot Password】on the sign-in page, and follow the steps. The system will send a temporary password to your email address that will allow you to retrieve your account. Please change the password right away after successfully sign in. If you don't receive password-reset email from YIART or Yicollecta within 30 minutes, check the spam folder of your inbox. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

Buying FAQs

  1. In what currency are your prices displayed ? And what does a displayed price include?

    The currency is displayed in in New Taiwan Dollar (NTD) on the website, exclusive of shipping and insurance. A displayed price does not include frames and framing, unless specifically marked.

  2. What is the description of items?

    The description of items are provided by the owners of artworks, who ensure that all the information provided by them are absolutely right. The owners should take responsibility and liability for any mistake of any description of items. YIART gives no undertakings, representations, or warranties in relation to artworks listed on the website.

  3. How do I confirm my order?

    Finishing all the purchasing process, system will automatically send an “Order Confirmation” e-mail, which contents order details and payment procedure. Receiving the letter also repre-sents you have purchased successfully.

  4. How do I cancel my order?

    You can cancel the order before paying. Please contact us and provide buyer’s name, we will deal with your request as soon as possible. We will send “Notification of Cancellation” e-mail to you within 1 working day. The extra fee due to cancellation is on buyer’s account. Unfortunately, once you have paid for the artworks, we will not accept any cancellation of the order. If you ordered an art custom product, we will confirm whether it has been produced. If the custom product has been produced, we will not be able to cancel it for you.

  5. How do I deal with tax?

    Please note that all the shipping costs will be counted by NTD unit. Buyers have to cover additional expense, such as Value-Added Tax and tariff, when shipping overseas.

  6. What is your return policy?

    All works sold on YIART and Yicollecta are not accepted to return for refunds.

  7. If the work I received is damaged, how do I deal with it?

    The work may be faulty due to the material or the age, and be sure to confirm the work description before buying. Please refer to status descriptions of art works on our Website. If the problem is caused by the transportation, please follow the steps: ● Please contact us within 7 days after receiving the work, overdue. (Based on the date of the logistics company sending records, signed the date of the beginning of the package) ● Please provide us with damaged parts clearly, including works of external packaging, packaging mate-rials, and damaged parts of the works. Also, please attach the relevant information of purchase: recipi-ent name / phone number / exact damaged part description, we will help you as soon as possible. ● After confirming it is damaged, we will assist you in applying for a complaint to the logistics company. ※ YIART only accepts delivery problems within 7 days of arrival. Therefore, when you receive the work, please check it as soon as possible, and inform us immediately if there is any damage.

  8. May I see the works before buying?

    Unfortunately, we do not store any work in our company.

  9. Do you provide work installation service?

    If you need installation service, please note on the order page.The installation service cost will be charged additionally.

  10. How do I know that what I am buying is an authentic artwork?

    Yicollecta is a reliable online contemporary art platform; we will strictly control the sources and status of works. We provide quality contemporary artworks from artists and collectors. All works are accompanied by an artist's autographed or by a certificate of authenticity.

  11. What are the buyer's commission?

    Yicollecta for YIARTS is an online art platform in Taiwan recently, we will charge 5% commission for partial work.


  1. How can I pay for my order?

    We only provide "Wire Transfer” now. When the order is placed, we will send you an e-mail about the payment process. Please remit to the assigned account within 3 days. The buyer will cover the transfer fees.

  2. How do you issue a receipt?

    When you place an order, please select the type of receipt you want. Two copies and three copies will be sent by ordinary mail in 10 days after the order has dispatched. The date of the invoice will be based on the actual purchase date.

  3. What are the title of receipt and the name of the order?

    The title of receipt may be the buyer’s name or company’s name, and the name of the order is the artwork.

Shipping FAQs

  1. How to calculate shipping rates?

    The shipping costs will be covered by the buyer. The shipping costs will depend on the size, weight and shipping destination. Smaller artworks charge lower shipping rates; Bigger artworks, especially those that require special packaging, will require a higher amount.

  2. How long does it take to receive an item after placing the order?

    We will deliver the work to your designated address within 14 working days (excluding weekends and national holidays) after the payment is completed. We will notify you by e-mail after shipping. In order to protect the integrity of the item, we will we will commit a shipping company to deliver. After receiving the item, please check it as soon as possible.

  3. Does YIART ship oversea?

    Yes, the international shipping costs will be covered by the buyer. You can also choose our cooperative shipping companies or assign one by yourself.

  4. How does YIART ship artworks?

    Every artworks sold by YIART will wrap it in the safest way, and we will commit professional shipping agency to deliver. We will help you contact the shipping agency but we are not be responsible to the delivery. The contract only exist between buyer and shipping agency.

  5. Could I designate receiving date and time?

    Yes. Please note receiving date and time (morning or afternoon) while you are ordering. Delivery time would be at 10a.m. to 6 p.m. on Monday to Friday.

  6. Does shipping include insurance?

    Buyer should insure the artworks by himself.

  7. Disclaimer Clause

    YIART is not responsible for the third party (including shipping companies) ship. The owners should take responsibility and liability for any mistake of any description of items. YIART gives no undertakings, representations, or warranties in relation to artworks listed on the website.

Consignment Descriptions

  1. Consignment process

    1 Describe item→ 2 Evaluate→ 3 Contract→ 4 Register/Sign in→ 5 Delivery→ 6 Confirmation

  2. Describe item

    We will provide an application form to download. Please offer artworks' name, details, price, and accompany pictures of artworks and related information (such as guarantees, etc.), then sent to our e-mail address: .

  3. Evaluate

    It takes within 5-7 business days to evaluate your artworks, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

  4. Contract

    After evaluating, we will provide you with a consignment contract, please sign and seal after confirming the content, and send the original documents back to YIART.

  5. Register/Sign in

    YIART will register your artworks on our Website and arrange themes according to the description of your artworks. We will be ready to sell your artworks within 2 weeks. Artworks will be available within 2 months in principle, unless we have signed other agreements in our contract. Your artworks will no longer be available on our website until the contract has expired or 2 months later (when order has not been placed). If you want to designate the release and due dates of your artworks, please contact us.

  6. Delivery

    Once the order is confirmed, we will provide you with receipts and bills. Please sign them after confirming and send the original documents and your artworks to YIART. We will deliver your artworks to the buyer after checking.

  7. Confirmation

    After receiving buyer's payment, we will do the settlement at the end of the month and remit money to seller on the 25th of next month. The remittance amount will be subject to the contract. Since all payments are based on the bill, please be sure to confirm after receiving bills, then sign and send them back to YIART. (Or seller can sort out all bills and send them back at the end of each month.)

Selling FAQs

  1. I’m an Artist or Collector how can I join Yicollecta by YIART and sell my artworks? Will YIART charge any fees?

    YIART team offers free artworks evaluating services. Please offer artworks' name, details, price and send the pictures of artworks and related information (such as guarantees, etc.) to our e-mail address: . We will also find the most suitable theme for you according to your artworks.

  2. What is the genre and size of artworks?

    Mainly based on contemporary artworks, and there is no limited to any media and size.

  3. Who will cover the artworks shipping costs?

    Shipping costs to YIART will be covered by seller.

  4. Who will be responsible for the damage caused by the delivery?

    YIART is not responsible for any damage while the artworks is delivered by seller.

  5. How to change my description of artworks?

    If you would like to change the description about your artworks, please contact us.

  6. How about the description of artworks?

    The sellers provide the descriptions of artworks and should ensure that all the information provided by them is absolutely right. The sellers should take responsibility and liability for any mistake of any description of items. YIART gives no undertakings, representations, or warranties in relation to artworks listed on the website.

  7. What is the criterion for selling?

    Every artwork is unique, please contact YIART.

  8. Can I sell the same piece of artwork on other platforms?

    If you want to sell the same piece of artwork on other platforms, you should inform us by paper 3 months in advance.We will remove the artworks description on the website.

  9. How long will it take to sell on Yicollecta?

    In addition to other agreements in our contract, in principle, the general artworks will be sold for 2 months. Your artworks will no longer be available on our website until the contract has expired or 2 months later (when order has not been placed). If you want to designate the release and due dates of your works, please contact us. Besides, available period is not equal to the period of consignment contract.

  10. What should I do after my contract has expired automatically?

    After your contract has expired automatically, if there is any artwork in YIART, seller should cover the shipping costs to sent your artwork back. If you want to apply for renewal, please contact us in advance.

  11. I am not in Taiwan now, can I send the scanned documents to YIART?

    Sorry, we only accepts original documents. If you are not in Taiwan now, please send the original documents to YIART by international mail.

  12. Will YIART regularly confirm the list and stock of artworks ?

    Yes. YIART will periodically confirm artworks stock to seller. Please reply to us after receiving our notification.