Oriental Aesthetic in Minimalism

Xiaobai Su Print Exhibition 9/14-11/30

Xiaobai Su's works always have a strong visual style that reveals the atmosphere of oriental culture under the abstract appearance at first glance. His works are always judged as abstract expression or minimalism by its appearance of quiet and minimal image, but somehow, a strong oriental philosophies and aesthetics will be find after savoring the details of his work.

Su received a solid traditional art training in his early artistic career. Like many artists of his peers in China, his artistic style tends to be socialist realism before his studies in Düsseldorf Art School in Germany. He studied under a few masters of modern art such as Konrad Klapheck, Gerhard Richter and Markus Lupertz during his studies in Germany. Over the past 20 years staying in Germany, after experienced various artistic genres and art movement such as abstract expressionism, surrealism and pop art, Su’s artistic style has gradually evolved from socialist realism, transforming towards a more ultimate and introverted artistic context through his own internalization and artistic practice. From there, Su has successfully developed his own unique abstract symbols and painting vocabulary.

Despite the impact of Western art concept and forms of expression, Oriental aesthetics is still deeply rooted in Su's works. By using oriental lacquer, a traditional medium with a long history as the main medium of creation, blending with water, oil paint, rock powder and other pigments, Su places his own cross-cultural experience on his artwork and creating the perfect blend of Eastern and Western cultures within the layers of pigments. In this exhibition, we are honored to introduce Su’s prints, providing the young collectors an opportunity to collect his works.

SU Xiaobai was born in Wuhan in 1949. He enrolled in the China Central Academy of Fine Arts to study the traditional techniques of oil painting in 1984. In 1987, he received a scholarship from the North Rhine-Westphalia Culture and Art Scholarship in Germany for further study in Germany and returned to China in 2003.
Currently he lives and works in Shanghai and Dusseldorf, Germany. Su has hosted numerous important international solo exhibitions that including " The Dynasty of Colours ", "Grand Immensity: the art of Xiaobai Su", "Su Xiaobai: Painting and Being" and others. His works have also been collected by the Pinakothek der Moderne and State Second Television-ZDF, Mainz, Langen Foundation, Ostasien Museum, National Art Museum of China, Hubei Art Museum, EFG Bank in Singapore, and The Presidential Palace in Taiwan.

(Exhibition Ended)