Liao I-Chin Solo Exhibition 5/27-7/30/2018

To Liao I-Chin, creating is just like writing diaries. She painted her feelings at the moment and transformed the complex feelings into patches and lines on the paper. She combined time and space with her works, tried to leave some room for imagination and let viewers explain the works by their own ways.

Liao always concerns the society issues, the ideology problems and time/space questions, by abstract painting skills, she reveals her moods on her works. Sometimes the works show gloomy and helpless, sometimes happy and excited, and sometimes peaceful and humble. She expresses herself through abstract painting, by employing the elements such as nature, poems, philosophy, and sub-consciousness; she explores the changes of feelings. Liao uses different materials like crayon, oil, charcoal to paint.

Morpheus is a Geek god f dreams. According to Ovid’s Metamorphoses, Morpheus can change to different people in their dreams and collect their dreams, just as the way dreams occur involuntarily in the mind. Liao has been curious about dreams since she was little, like how to distinguish dreams from reality, and research into dreams from psychology. Liao’s works are based in minds, feelings, the origin of lives, and the universe. When she creates artworks by abstract skills, it is like the process of unconscious production, combing the status of morphing with personal styles.

Born in 1987, Taipei, Taiwan, and now lives and works in Hsinchu. Liao I-Chin received her master degree in Fine Art (Painting) from Academy of Art University, San Francisco, CA in 2013, and then participated in various art programs in the States. During her studies, she learnt to improve painting skills and be more sensitive to colors and compositions.

To promote emerging artists and organize art exchanges, Liao co-founded Mo+CA Projects in San Francisco in 2014. In the same year, she held a solo exhibition in Atelier Gallery, San Francisco, and a work was collected by Byington Vineyard & Winery. Later she designed a logo for Byington Vineyard & Winery. After she came back from the States, she had been involved in various exhibitions, and she joined the artist residency in Mite-Ugro, Gwangju, Korea.

(Exhibition Ended)