Entering the World of Poem Imaginary

Samuel Bossini Solo Exhibition 10/13-12/31

“Natural World that captures your game. Its justification lies in the construction of a Soul that inquires into the other normality of bodies. Draw in the Air a Hand whose lines will be read under the mantle, by that look that discovers, in the ceremonies and its silences, the part of the forest where the spirit, for fun or satiation, challenges lightly to destiny.”
-- Samuel Bossini, Natural World

The colorful, simple and straight brushstrokes are the first impressions of Samuel Bossini's work. In his art, the plants and portrait are vivid and dynamic, and the rhythm is strong as well. It seems to be figurative, but it is somewhat separated from the reality. Who can imagine that all these artworks come from the hands of a poet.

Born in Argentina in 1957, Samuel Bossini is a famous poet and painter in Argentina. He uses 'Pablo Narral' as his pseudonym and published several books of poems such as "The Sound and Fury" (El sonido y la furia), "For a Night Party" (Para una fiesta nocturna), "Dark Earth" (Oscura tierra) and "Natural World" (Mundo natural). On the occasion of Argentina’s 200th anniversary, his poems were included in the anthology “200 Years of Argentine Poetry” (200 AÑOS DE POESÍA ARGENTINA).

Bossini's paintings are inspired by the poems he wrote. He believes that every reality builds its own abstraction, and he needs to express it through painting. Painting as part of the common world of poetry, is the abstract expression of the artistic conception of its poetry. This painting series is taken from his book of poems "Natural World" of the same name. Through his self-practice and learning painting techniques from master painters, Bossini expresses his emotions on poetry through rich and vivid colors painted on the canvas.

Bossini is actively involve in the Argentine cultural community and has contributed a lot to the promotion of Argentine culture. In addition to creating a cultural platform for the National Library of Congress in Argentina, he has also served as a cultural assessor for the Argentine Federal Council for Investments for fifteen years (2001-2015). He was the editorial board member of the Spanish version of the famous novel "The Last Kingdom" (Último Reino). Bossini has hosted and participated in several international poetry and painting festivals and workshops. His poems have been published in newspapers and magazines in various countries such as Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Mexico, Spain and the United States. In addition, he has also collaborated with Mexico based review magazine “La Santa Critica” for visual art’s interviews. Bossini is currently in charge of the International Festival of Poetry in the International Book Fair 2019 and 2020, which is the Protagonists Program of the National Congress Library. He has participated in various Art Basel in Argentina, and his artwork has been collected by collectors from various countries such as Spain, South America and Germany.

(Exhibition Ended)