Jaime Hayon Prints Collection


YiCOLLECTA grandly released prints from the Spanish artist-designer Jaime Hayon, including five new prints that were just released this year.

Jaime Hayon, a Spanish artist-designer, was born in Madrid in 1974. Skateboard culture and graffiti art prevailed during his teenage years, which brought him a profound influence and became the basis for his bold and whimsical designs today. After studying industrial design in Madrid and Paris, he joined Fabrica – the Benetton-funded design and communication academy in Italy- in 1997. After years of experience, he returned to his hometown in Spain to set up his own studio in 2004. The design range from furniture, Home decoration series, ceramics to interior spaces, large installations are available.

Influenced by the growing environment and subculture, Jaime Hayon's long standing artistic heritage and enthusiastic cultural characteristics in Spain make his creations and designs a playful, unrestrained, and gorgeous style. When Hayon was studying at the School of Design, it was in the era of Bauhaus, but his works had a strong decorative meaning, which made it difficult to connect with Bauhaus. Hayon believes that learning is important, but "curious" "Observation" is the starting point of the design, he believes that the best inspiration comes from life. He can find inspiration in almost anything - circuses, plants, fruit, candy, everything that you can encounter in daily life is an element of his creation and design. No matter where he went, he would take his sketchbook with him, and when he got inspiration, he would immediately record it, draw the ideas in his mind on paper, and then materialize them to form fantastic scenes.

The work ‘Mediterranean Digital Baroque’ is Jaime Hayon's first personal art installation in 2003, showing his artistic talent for the first time. This work uses ceramics to interpret the mutated forest appearance, and outputs his graffiti works on the wall, which materializes the characters in his graffiti book, like the supersonic pig of the rocket and the common pigeon in the park; the idea of the work comes from a visit to the cactus park in Lanzarote, Spain, showing the appearance of the forest. At the same time, it also reflects his personal inner universe.

One of Jaime Hayon's most well-known works is the artistic furniture series "Showtime'' launched in 2006. He has designed for Barcelona design, the most prestigious Spanish design company. Showtime Collection for BD Barcelona is a home furniture collection inspired by classical MGM musicals. Impressive domed high-back sofa chair, sitting in as if you are in the box of a classical theater; the side cabinets in this series, supported by the legs like a classical style, the overall look is a fusion of modern The simplicity and classic drama make the furniture lively. In addition to the flexible and bold design and the subversion of the same form of the boat, his works also have playful elements. The ‘Green Chicken’ is also one of Hayon's representative works. The prototype of the work was originally designed for Lladró. By up scaling its size, and turning this ordinary bird into a modern and functional piece, the rocking chair’s design gives it a sense of speed and energy. Hayon is adventurous and innovative in design and creation. He likes unusual things and also likes challenges. For him, to succeed in design, he must have enthusiasm.

Jaime Hayon has won numerous awards, including multiple Elle Decoration International Design Awards, included by Wallpaper Magazine in its “Top 100” list and recognized by the magazine as one of the most influential creators of the last decade, lauded as a “visionary” and one of the most creative icons by Times magazine. His work has been exhibited in major international galleries such as the Groninger Museum, London’s Design Museum, Centre Pompidou, and Art Basel. His works 'Mediterranean Digital Baroque’ is collected in the Groninger Museum; ‘The Birds tapestry’ is collected in the Tilburg Textile Museum in the Netherlands.

*Since the works are overseas, it will take 2-3 weeks for delivery, please be patient*
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