Pont D’Art Publishing Ltd-Interview with the founder, Chen Bo Gu

Selected books online exhibition 11/4/2020-1/31/2021

Found in December 2017, Pont D’Art Publishing Ltd, which focuses on the category of art books, is the minority of the Taiwan publishing industry. The company has been come out of press for five overseas art publications. The founder, Chen Bo Gu said that his books are for everyone, not only workers within the art industry but as a bridge for people to get to know about art. He is also responding to the needs and difficulties of the local art market.

During establishment
Chen Bo Gu, the founder and editor-in-chief, was experienced with art publishing. He left ARTouch and set up Pont D’Art Publishing Ltd because of the lack of reference books in the market. He thought the problems of published reference books were old, not fluent in written Chinese, and did not respond to the local art market.
Maybe you are wondering if it is worth starting a new company in the saturated publish market. Chen said ’There is a possible way if you are on the right track.’ The key is marketing. Using the example of his marking department from his precious job, within six years, the turnover grew at twice while the size remained the same. The fatal error is not enough time to produce a good quality book, it is the reason why Pont D’Art Publishing Ltd only having two new books in a year.

Operating and difficulty
As Chen has extensive experience and passionate engagement in art publishing, from copyright to marketing. It is very important to telling the readers the content of the book, whether his/her question being tackled. Using social media and posting every day, some are professional and some entertaining which builds a loyal readership.
He has his own persistence in the choice of books. The English version of CREATING EXHIBITIONS first came out in 2015, Chen found it when he was traveling in oversea. Chinese version finally came out until last year. The original publisher was Wiley, a world-wide company focus on science and academic books. However, the key to copyright is all about capital. Chen admits they did not have any capital to compete for the copyright with others, but as an art publisher, he sees himself as an artist as well. ‘The competitor of art is never someone else but yourself.’

Art publishing
Pont D’Art Publishing Ltd has launched CREATING EXHIBITIONS, Art/Work - Revised & Updated, Beg, Steal and Borrow and Playing to the Gallery. These four books gave a reference and concept of art. CREATING EXHIBITIONS told every aspect of exhibit making, from concept to completion. Art/Work - Revised & Updated guide artists to manage and maintain an enduring career pathway in the industry. It is all about the operation and development of art.
Some help to build a foundation of art knowledge. Beg, Steal and Borrow discuss the steal and borrow of ideas on composing. Playing to the Gallery was answering some general impressions and discussing contemporary art. The standard of difficulty is equal to the level of high school students, hoping everyone can handle the books easily. The cover should be clear, you can see the brief introductions at a glance. The second thing is that every book has no book jacket, conforms to the principles of fortifications, and the words should be big enough for a certain age of readers. This distinguishes itself from popular literature and youth books clearly.

Coming books preview
In the coming year, the first book published by Pont D’Art Publishing Ltd and two translation books are going to release. Their first book is unexpectedly based on tea. Use water, fire, aerosol, and tea itself to tell the knowledge of drinking Chinese tea. In addition, there is COPY THIS BOOK_An artist's guide to copyright by the Dutch author Eric Schrijver, which can be called the bible of the artist's intellectual and financial rights. The last is A Short Guide to Writing About Art, a classic book on artistic writing published in 1981. Its first Chinese version was published 40 years ago.

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  • Pont D’Art Publishing Ltd. / Taiwan
    Playing to the Gallery---Helping contemporary art in its struggle to be understood, 2020
    Paperback, Full Colour Print 19x13cm, 224 pages, ISBN 9789869711340
    Author: Grayson Perry , Tranlator: 金振寧. Original price NT$380. Speical price:

  • Pont D’Art Publishing Ltd. / Taiwan
    BEG, STEAL & BORROW Artists Against Originality, 2019
    Paperback, Full Colour Print 19x13cm, 272 pages, ISBN 978-986-97113-2-6
    Writter:Robert Shore 譯者:劉泗翰. Original price NT$440, special price now:

  • Pont D’Art Publishing Ltd. / Taiwan
    CREATING EXHIBITIONS Collaboration in the Planning, Development, and Design of Innovative Experiences, 2019
    Paperback, Full Colour Print 23x19cm, 320 pages , ISBN 978-986-97113-1-9
    Author: Polly McKenna-Cress and Janet A. Kamien Translator: 金振寧. Orignial price NT$660, specia price:

  • 阿橋社創辦人陳柏谷先生(右)