Contemporary Photography Exhibition

18 Aug- 31 OCT 2017

Contemporary Photography Exhibition looks at the perspective of three contemporary Taiwanese art photographers: Wu Cheng-Chang, Chung Shun-Long, and Liu Yi-Chun. Each uses their own image vocabulary to depict the world in a specific way. Photography is the lens with which they process experiences at this point in history, and because each photographer’s experience and age is different they all have their own unique vantage point. This exhibition hopes to show the different backgrounds of these artists so as to resonate with the viewer's life experiences.

Wu Cheng-Chang (1965-)
Wu Cheng-Chang was born in Pingtung, the southern tip of Taiwan. He got his masters degree from the American Academy of Art and Design, and won the New York “The Power of Self” Award. His work in this exhibition is divided into two separate series: “Beauty of Taiwan” and “Emotional Landscapes”. The series “Beauty of Taiwan” was invited to the Singapore International Photography Festival, Hong Kong Arts Fair, the US San Antonio International Photography Festrical, and to the North American Museum for the solo exhibition: "I‧DIE‧WANT-Taiwan”. “Beauty of Taiwan” shows both Taiwan’s human landscape as well as creating an accurate portrait of the contemporary Taiwan. “Emotional Landscapes” is an earlier photo series that uses square photos to create the perspective of looking within, manipulating light and shadow of objects to reflect an inner emotional state.

Chung Shun-Long (1974-)
Chung Shun-Long was born in Hualien, in Eastern Taiwan. He got his masters degree in imaging and communication from the University of London Goldsmiths and immediately jumped into making visual art. In the past he worked at an art studio studying art conservation, and served as a lecturer in the National Taiwan University of the Arts’ Departments of Multimedia Animation Art and Visual Communication. His work is concerned with the development of human civilization through social changes over time. In this show, his series “Star Rain” aims to rebuild the microcosm of everyday life: though the images first appear to be glowing stars, they are actually carefully composed images of and laid out images of raindrops falling on the ground, organized to create the spatial effect of a starry sky.

Liu Yi-Chun (1983-)
Liu Yi-Chun was born in Hsinchu. She graduated from Tainan University of Applied Sciences, Department of Fine Arts. Liu Yi-Chun specializes in using material from his everyday life to record the spiritual state of this generation, using light as a major pictorial element. Her work has been deeply influenced by his family background, reconstructing images of traditional markets and trying to appeal to a shared memory of the Taiwanese people. This exhibition features her series “Theater”, which is inspired by images from pet shops and traditional markets, where life is in balance with commerce, trading and profits depend on human relationships. Liu Yi-Chun leads the viewer through her perspective growing up, reinterpreting the relationship between subject and object, quantifying the meaning of life.

(Exhibition Ended)