Reflection of Observation- Tainan National University of the Arts/ Material Arts and Design Graduate Show 2021


The line of sight is the oar of desire, paddling on the other side of the island. The flickering sun illuminates memories and future prospects, and we pack our bags traveling together. An an expeditionist, we will eventually return to the streets. It’s common to disrupt reality and replace it as usual.

Here, every creators develop through self-consciousness, clinging to various cultural surfaces, deeply immersed in the textures of time and space, and blending into a distinct personal experience. This experience is also the embodiment of self-technique related to survival and will also become a way to interpret contemporary society.

Hereat, how do we stare the situation? How does it exist? And why embark on a creative journey?

(Exhibition Ended)

Curator: Tainan National University Of The Arts/ Material Arts And Design Graduate show 2021