Reflection of Observation- Tainan National University of the Arts/ Material Arts and Design Graduate Show 2021


The line of sight is the oar of desire, paddling on the other side of the island. The flickering sun illuminates memories and future prospects, and we pack our bags traveling together. An an expeditionist, we will eventually return to the streets. It’s common to disrupt reality and replace it as usual.

Here, every creators develop through self-consciousness, clinging to various cultural surfaces, deeply immersed in the textures of time and space, and blending into a distinct personal experience. This experience is also the embodiment of self-technique related to survival and will also become a way to interpret contemporary society.

Hereat, how do we stare the situation? How does it exist? And why embark on a creative journey?

Curator: Tainan National University Of The Arts/ Material Arts And Design Graduate show 2021

  • Chang Chih-Hsin / Taiwan
    Necessary windows in life, 2020-2021
    Video, wood, objects 420cm*180cm
    Video lenght 3:24

    Chen Qiao-Han / Taiwan
    Untitled, 2020-2021
    red metal
    Top: 《Build》 40x10x10cm Middle: 《Lycorisradiata》20x20x20cm Bottom: 《Ocean》 30x60x1cm

    Lin Jia-Ru / Taiwan
    Slide & Link, 2020-2021
    QRcode and Video.Dimensions variable

    Li Xin-Ying / Taiwan
    Untitled, 2020-2021
    Installation 60x60x150cm (Time-02:34)

    Liu Pin-Lin / Taiwan
    désir&réel , 2020-2021
    Wool, wool felt, plastic sheet 160x160cm

    Lin Bao-Ru / Taiwan
    Untitled, 2020-2021
    Copper wire, enameled wire, copper, bronze, plastic wire, three beech, walnut
    dimensions variable

    Lu Yi-Jin / Taiwan
    Untitled, 2020-2021
    Acrylic, video 208cm*117cm

    Sun Pei-Ru / Taiwan
    Booklet, 2020-2021
    Ceramic 120cm*55cm*72cm

    Wen Kai-Di / Taiwan
    I am here and there, 2020-2021
    Video 150cm*150cm
    Taro No.2 Please answer if you hear

    Hsieh Pei-Yi / Taiwan
    Untitled, 2020-2021
    lead line, fiber 40cm*28cm*45cm

    Ye Zi-Yu / Taiwan
    Bustling, 2020-2021
    Plant fiber paper 10cm*19cm

    Tee Xin-Ping / Taiwan
    Nyonya Mosaico , 2020-2021
    999 silver, copper, enamel, UV curable adhesive, Batik cloth, wooden embroidery frame 200cm*100cm

  • Hsieh Lu-Cheng / Taiwan
    Playground, 2020-2021
    Tools, paint, concrete sand 360cm*180cm*180cm

    Chen Rong / Taiwan
    Untitled, 2020-2021
    Fibre 15x15x15cm

    Huang Yu-Ming / Taiwan
    Untitled, 2020-2021
    Video, dimensions variable
    Attendant: Bubble man

    Li Yi-Zhen / Taiwan
    Untitled, 2020-2021
    Ceramic 15x15x10cm /piece

    Huang Li / Taiwan
    Men and Women , 2021
    Left:45x50x178cm Right :42x61x189cm

    Zeng Zi-Xuan / Taiwan
    Untitled, 2020-2021
    Camphor wood 40x30x130cm

    Lu Da-Hung / Taiwan
    Talk with, 2020-2021
    Objects and Dynamical Machine, dimensions variable

    Wang Po-Sheng / Taiwan
    Carrier, 2020-2021
    yellow cedar
    Right:120cm*8cm*130cm Left:50cm*28cm*28cm

    Weng Shao-Yen / Taiwan
    Travel Map of Dihua Street , 2020-2021
    dimensions variable

    Hsieh Ying-Jung / Taiwan
    Mark before forgotten, 2020-2021
    Wood, acrylic, brass, stainless steel 尺寸依場地而定

    Chang Hui-Tzu / Taiwan
    void , 2020-2021
    Cupronickel, copper, brass, film 200cm*150cm*260cm

    Huang Su-Yu / Taiwan
    Untitled, 2020-2021
    pearl yarn, mixed media 280x125x12cm

  • Su Hsiu-Tun / Taiwan
    Untitled, 2020-2021
    dimensions variable

    Lien Tzu-Chi / Taiwan
    Untitled, 2020-2021
    Wool fiber cloth, UV glue
    Left :27x12x12cm Middle :58x51x5 cm Right :32x26x10cm

    Huang Wei-Ze / Taiwan
    Untitled, 2020-2021
    Installation 300x300x150cm

    Lin Jin-An / Taiwan
    Untitled, 2020-2021
    Tea, Chinese medicine, coffee, yarn, cloth 90x45cm

    Liao Chia-Hui / Taiwan
    Family , 2020-2021
    Photographs 240x150x150cm(Time-15:34)

    Lin Yi-Syuan / Taiwan
    Weaving cell, 2020-2021
    Copper wire, Enameled wire, Nylon wire 280cm*125cm*30cm

    Wang Ling-Fu / Taiwan
    grid, 2020-2021
    Copper, enamel. dimensions variable

    Wang Tai-Hsi / Taiwan
    What Greenhouse, 2020-2021
    Bronze, mixed media 280cm*125cm*12cm

    Wu Yu-Ting / Taiwan
    Seed production plan, 2020-2021
    Copper, enamel, wood, glass, mirror 四盒 36cm*30cm*5cm

    Hung Meng-Yun / Taiwan
    Untitled, 2020-2021
    red metal 上:12x9x4cm 中:11x9x3cm 下:12x9x3cm

    Chang Shu-Rong / Taiwan
    Longevity, 2020-2021
    Copper, epoxy resin, Pu, mixed media 30cm*30cm*35cm

    Chen Pin-Rong / Taiwan
    Untitled, 2020-2021
    Video 200x300cm (Time-1:00:01)

  • Ho Ruo-Yan / Taiwan
    Untitled, 2020-2021
    Mixed Media 60x35x35cm

    Kuan Huai-Yuan / Taiwan
    Untitled, 2020-2021
    Mixed Media
    dimensions variable

    Li Chia-Tze / Taiwan
    Untitled, 2020-2021
    cypress, pine, wood plywood
    dimensions variable

    Chen Po-Yun / Taiwan
    Untitled, 2020-2021
    Clay, WC931, Clinker 60x60x150cm

    Tseng Yi-Yun / Taiwan
    Untitled, 2020-2021
    Ceramic 150x150x180cm

    Liu Hsin-Yi / Taiwan
    Change, 2020-2021. 45*30 4 pieces 30*120 2 pieces; Ocean video length 4:21; Family video length 1:28; 711 video length 1:19; Elementary school Video length 2:00
    Video Ocean(3) Family(5) 711(4) Elementary school(1)

    Shao Yu-Hsuan / Taiwan
    Wearable Accessories , 2020-2021
    Suede, yarn, pvc cloth, leather
    dimensions variable

    Qiu Si-Yu / Taiwan
    Untitled, 2020-2021
    screenshot image
    dimensions variable

    Hsieh Li-Yi / Taiwan
    "Grandma Series" No.2, 2020-2021
    Video, Installation
    dimensions variable

    Hsu Chieh-Ting / Taiwan
    multiply, 2020-2021
    fiber 91cm*188cm*10cm

    Chang Yung-Chia / Taiwan
    Farewell, memory, seal, 2020-2021, video lenght 07:01
    Video 200cm*100cm

    Zhu Jia-Rou / Taiwan
    Embrace the soul of love, 2020-2021
    Paper, line, embroidery thread 270cm*160cm*300cm