2019.11.30-12.14 Reception 11.30 Saturday P.M. 3:00

Appreciate for your support and care along the way. YIART sincerely invites everyone to come to our 5th Anniversary Exhibition Opening Ceremony from 11/30 Saturday 3-7 PM.

30th November – 14th December 2019
Reception 11.30 15:00
5F.-4, No. 150, Sec. 1, Heping W. Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City 100
02 23329008

Artists on display:
Kaws 1974-
Name is Brian Donnelly, who graduated from the School of Visual Arts New York City (SVA NYC) and was a former Disney animator. Deeply influenced by the art of graffiti, he often adds creations in advertisements and posters, works with well-known trendy brands and classic cartoon images to cross-border cooperation, which is very popular. His work spans the fields of art and design, including graphic design, toys, paintings, drawings, murals and large sculptures. The main character of the creation will always have the "XX" representative pattern in the eyes, which has also become the mark of his leading trend. His works have caused a certain degree of sensation when exhibited in museums around the world. Recently, Yuz Museum Shanghai exhibited the first large-scale retrospective in Asia. Many of the world's top galleries and art museums display his praised collections. Currently acting as the sole agent for the Skartstedt Gallery.

Daniel Arsham 1980-
Daniel Arsham's works include sculpture, architecture, painting and film. Among the many works, the most famous one is the series of future relics, he represented many items in modern life in an archaeological way. Imagine the phone, camera, stereo, keyboard, etc. in our lives, even the Rimowa suitcase, which was discovered by tens of thousands of years after being dug by future humans. These works are mainly black, gray and white, and it`s just like the weathering and erosion that has really gone through tens of thousands of years. When people watch the works, they will cause confusion because of the works, and rethink the space and time concept they know.

Hajime Sorayama 1947-
Hajime Sorayama is a Japanese illustrator. He loved painting since childhood, especially for female bodies. Everyone thinks that the robot painted by Hajime Sorayama is an imagination of the future of human beings. In fact, he just replaced human skin with metal, which originated from his desire for women. In 1978, Hajime Sorayama's "Sexy Robot" series made his popularity rise instantly. The works are mainly inkjet paintings, brush pencils and acrylic paint, etc., with extremely delicate style. He has designed the cover for the rock band Aerosmith's "Just Push Play" record, and has just collaborated with Dior menswear this fall. He created a lot of realistic illustrations of sexy women and SM elements, and became crazy in the illustration industry, and is known as the master of Japanese erotic illustration.

(Exhibition Ended)

Curator: YIART

  • YIART 5th anniversary

  • YIART 5th anniversary