Aleksandra Panić Solo Exhibition


Born in 1987 in Russia, Aleksandra Panić was studied Visual Art Education in Concordia University. Now she works and lives in Montreal, Canada. She is inspired by legends, fairy tales and her own life experiences and she tries to explore the complexities of human nature and emotions. Through her own artistic view, she built unique imagination to explore souls.

Panić, which is pronounced as Panich, is a Serbian surname and allow Aleksandra Panić from Russia has different traits than others. She is good at using folk art elements and primitive shapes. Through the images of ghosts, fairies, fantastic creatures in her paintings, she wants to explore the complexity of human nature. What we can see in her paintings, the poker face was put on animal’ body, or put on a generalized body with two tiny arms. It looks like a bit surrealism and dramatic. Her artworks are some sort invitation to the viewer to take a journey inside his own soul.

She has hold numerous exhibitions in Canada and USA. Her works can be seen in galleries and private collections in USA, Canada, United Kingdom and China, etc.

(Exhibition Ended)